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The Toros women*camps

The women*camps at a glance

4th to 7th June 2022 for beginners and advanced
August 12th to 15th, 2022 for advanced and old hands

This idea started with the Wildwomen on Wildwater asking Scheuer if he knew a kayak instructor for their meeting. He knew that and Lotte did the course and experienced it as something special. Since then the idea of ​​women*camps has been floating around and now it exists! Girls* paddling in a class!

Feel the flow on the slalom course in Lienz. | Photo: Claus Kienler

Ok, we don't want to be sexist or exclude the boys, but sometimes it's just unfair that the homogeneous groups of men arise by themselves while paddling and that's why women have always had to consciously look for the homogeneous groups of girls.

In addition, there are some mechanisms that we consider unnecessary and of course would never submit to all female paddlers, but which nevertheless cannot be denied. For example the classic "duckling-family-come-paddle-just-after-me move" (please complain from the men if you also need such a course!)

Contact us and together we will find out what is important to you. Everyone ticks a little differently. It's you who should set the pace. During the women's camps we can fully cater to your needs.

And what comes now? Briefing on the Lieser. | Photo: Lena Schnoor

The special thing about these kayak women* camps is that we girls* are among ourselves and thus have an exchange of experiences, which otherwise only takes place in very rare exceptional cases.

Camp I: For beginners and advanced

Self is the woman. That's the motto. In a 4-day women's camp, we want to convey our experiences as kayakers to beginners in whitewater. Experience it yourself, try it out, face fears, discuss them and overcome them are on the program in the WW I-II area.

Camp II: For old hands

This camp is aimed at those who already have some paddling experience and already feel reasonably confident on WW II-III / III-IV.

We want to offer an empowerment program because, unfortunately, for many women in particular, assessing their own abilities, independently finding a suitable line and naturally getting involved in rescue work is somehow often limited by male heroism. "Just follow me" - there will be no style in this course. Rather, we want to teach you strategies to simply paddle ahead confidently, even when the river may be unfamiliar. For this purpose, we will certainly go swimming on purpose in summer temperatures, try out breathing exercises against too much “head” and in a relaxed atmosphere around the campfire or on the exit eddy we will reflect on what we can learn among ourselves.

Shadow Escape for breakfast. | Photo: Lena Schnoor

Course Objectives

Assess skills yourself and find your own line.

Be actively involved in rescue and recovery operations.

Self-confident paddling and possibly also swimming (just for the brain!), fears are often irrational and still there: how do I learn to perceive them, overcome them and grow from them?

Fluid dynamics: how to deal with the fact that women simply biologically have fewer muscles? Power isn't everything! If you understand the flow and develop your feeling for the flow, you've already won there.

If you have any special requests or suggestions, we are open to them!


We will announce the venue of our camps in 2022 and adapt it to the group's level of ability. Therefore, if you are interested, it is best to contact us by phone or email.


The costs for guiding, canoe training and organization of the tour are €400.
Kayaks, paddles and other equipment are available for hire at an additional cost. Accommodation, transfers and meals are not included.

group size

As with all camps and courses: a maximum of 6 participants per kayak instructor.

Scouting the swim course | Photo: Lena Schnoor

Required prior knowledge:

You are of average physical fitness and can swim.

Let us know about your level of ability and we will arrange the camp in such a way that everyone gets their money's worth.

Any health restrictions, illnesses or allergies must be communicated to the course instructor in advance.

Arrival and logistics:

Arrival is to be organized independently. Local transfers shared with the group.

Register and go!

Have you become curious about our women's camps? Do you still have questions or do you want to register directly? Then simply send us an email, call or write a WhatsApp or signal message to the number below so that we can call you back.

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