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The name Lettmann has been a household name in the canoe scene since the early XNUMXs - numerous inventions and innovations, as well as hundreds of boat models, are the responsibility of the company from the Lower Rhine. The list of innovations is so big that we refrain from transferring them (otherwise we would have to raise the prices for Lettmann products to pay our Internet fuzzies for the hours? ).

In summary one can say: Super white water boats, ingenious paddles and unique sea kayaks that are custom-made for you in your favorite color. Oh yes: and of course extremely light canoes ...

Light & robust, laminated kayaks, Canadians & paddles made of Diolen, Kevlar & Carbon can do them like no other domestic manufacturer!

This one LINK to the 2021 PDF catalog

Choose something from Lettmann - paddles, kayaks or accessories, even if we haven't put it in our own online catalog - we'll organize it for you! Telephone, e-mail, WhatsApp, signal (letter post might also work...?)

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