1979: the Somerset coast. In a small shed with a leaky tin roof stood a figure who was working hard and was covered with a fine layer of fiberglass dust. It was Andy Knight, a man who wanted better paddling equipment and decided to make it himself. The sign on the door said 'Palm Glass Fiber Moldings Ltd'.
Just a few steps from the shed, Andy can still be found working on something new. The shed is a little bigger now and a lot more figures are toiling, but Andy and the team at Palm are still working with the same determination and goal: making equipment for paddlers.

Palm Equipment International Ltd. is based in Somerset, England. From here we supply the clothing brand Palm, kayaks from Dagger, Islander and Wilderness Systems and canoes from Mad River Canoe - everything you need to take with you on the water.

Do you need a Palm Equipment product that we do not have in our online catalog? Get in touch! We can organize many products on request!

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