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It all began with a love of water, sport and adventure. In the early 80's some friends and I fell in love with windsurfing. We were windsurfing pioneers in Slovenia. And as is usual with pioneers, we had very strong wills, but pretty bad equipment! We wanted to surf more than those 2 or 3 windy days in summer so we needed something to keep us warm.

At that time it was impossible to buy such a wetsuit in our country. And the Western European countries were too expensive for us so I decided to make our own wetsuits. We bought some neoprene overseas, smuggled it across the border and made our own technical wetsuits.

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The word got around and what started out of necessity turned into a hobby. It then slowly evolved into a full-time job closely related to the things I love.

Today, after more than twenty years of professional activity, passion is still the main driving force at Sandiline. We love what we do, so we still design and manufacture our equipment in our facilities in Slovenia. To ensure that our products are suitable for their intended purpose, they are carefully designed by our experts and tested by top athletes or professional users before they are released onto the market.

All the equipment we make is made with the same dedication and passion as the first wetsuits for me and my friends, but now with the benefit of more than two decades of experience and innovation. This experience makes our equipment suitable (for certain services under certain conditions), durable and personable. Happy users, from Olympic medalists to older women who have just fallen in love with the sea, prove that we chose the right path - one that we will continue to follow in the future.

Thanks to everyone who makes this possible!


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