Greece tours

Greece tours

Greece in May - The Arachthos Camps

May 7-14, 2022 (WW II-III +)

Two rivers, five stages, a base camp, supplemented by day trips to dream creeks in the vicinity. The village of Plaka at the exit of the mighty Arachthos Canyon is located in the heart of the outdoor Eldorado Tzoumerka and is the ideal base for all paddlers and outdoor sports enthusiasts. Whether in the lovingly designed Hotel Teloneio or the Via Natura Camping by the river - during the Arachthos Camps you will experience the paddling holiday in the perfect setting for you. And best of all: Condor will also be flying straight to the paddling area every Saturday in 2022. From Munich, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf, of course with the kayak on board.

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Deep canyons, great cinema - From Albania to Greece

Appointment “Deep Canyons, Big Cinema”

April 27 to May 6, 2022 (WW II-III +)

Venetikos and Voidomatis, Arachthos and Kalaritikos. In Albania the grandiose Osum Canyon. Wow! A trip for sporty beginners and connoisseurs. A trip to the most beautiful gorges in the south. Bizarre rock faults, blue water and a road trip through the wild landscapes of Pindus and Epirus. No top sporting performances, paddling and amazement in the great geology cinema. Holidays in the Balkans with the best with a view at the combined Albania-Greece camp!

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Early Bird Mission - Greece in early March

March 6-16, 2020 (WW III-IV)


Yassas and ahoy, it's raining surprise eggs. And Easter is far from in sight. At the beginning of March with the plane to Thessaloniki, nose in the wind, saddled the bus and to where the water and sun are highest. Whether the Erymanthos in the Peloponnese, the Acheron in the blooming coastal country or to the Rhodope Creeks in the Bulgarian-Greek border mountains - we spontaneously pick the best water levels. Let yourself be surprised!

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4th Pindos Kayak Festival 2018

Welcome to the 4th Pindos Kayak Festival! From November 3 to 10, 2018, paddling enthusiasts and Greece friends will gather in the small village of Plaka, beautifully located on the blue Arachthos. The idea behind the festival? We would like to experience the beauty of the Greek gorges and mountain valleys with you and point out the value of clean, free-flowing rivers. Paddling is (an important part of our) life! We would like to share our personal experiences from past tours with you - and of course kayaking together.

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