Italy tours

Italy tours

Tagliamento and Piave - wilderness rivers under the Italian sun

May 20th – 23rd, 2023 (Tagliamento-Tour I, with insufficient water Piave)
May 27th - 30th, 2022 (Tagliamento-Tour II, with insufficient water Piave)
June 14-18, 2022 (Piave Tour)

The last real wild river in the Alps? The paddling world and science are in agreement: Nowhere along the vast Alpine arc can a wild river be as wild as in the kilometer-wide floodplain of the Tagliamento. The great adventure awaits four hours' drive from Munich - for brave hiking paddlers and well-traveled whitewater pilots, beginner and family-friendly. For four days you will entrust yourselves to the river on our Tagliamento tour. You sleep on your dream island, above you the starry sky. The river and daylight set the pace. Arrive, paddle off, switch off! Welcome to the river wilderness!

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Trebbia, Aveto & Co - Easter in the Apennines

Dates Apennines

April 2th to 10rd, 2022 (WW II-III +)
April 9th to 17rd, 2022 (WW II-III +)

Spring awakening in Bella Italia! While the Alps demand a lot of disdain for frost in April, in the northern Italian Apennines a warm breeze usually blows at Easter. Not only the Caffe Corretto warms, no, Italy's sun caresses the mind. But can you paddle there too? Pero si, ragazzi! Trebbia and Aveto are real dream rivers: clear blue water in deep gorges. Never difficult, but always beautiful. And because we're taking a whole week of Easter vacation, there are more river pearls in the region on the tour schedule. Come on board!

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