Kayak courses

Kayak courses

The Toros women*camps

The women*camps at a glance

4th to 7th June 2022 for beginners and advanced
August 12th to 15th, 2022 for advanced and old hands

This idea started with the Wildwomen on Wildwater asking Scheuer if he knew a kayak instructor for their meeting. He knew that and Lotte did the course and experienced it as something special. Since then the idea of ​​women*camps has been floating around and now it exists! Girls* paddling in a class!

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Our regional course program: Munich and the Alps

Why wander far away when...? According to this motto, we have included the paddling areas of the Northern Alps as camp areas in the program from travel cancellations caused by the pandemic: and enjoyed the good things nearby! In addition, we have created a regional course program on the edge of the Alps so that beginners and technology enthusiasts can also get their money's worth! In concrete terms: for […]

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Our kayak instructors

Our team on the river includes paddling friends with a wide variety of backgrounds. What connects us is the love for the rivers we bring you and the passion to experience them in a kayak (or other white water sports equipment)! The desire to infect other people with this passion is in all of us and so we are all [...]

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Alpencamp Salzburger Land

The Toros Alpencamps: Salzburger Land

The alpine camps in the Salzburg region at a glance

23th to 29th July 2022 (different levels between WW II and WW IV; 7 paddling days)

No question about it - Toros Outdoors is at home in Southeastern Europe. Every now and then we take a breather between our trips. And paddle in the Alps. Saalach, Lammer and Koppi are just beautiful. The Lieser and the heavy water of the Salzach just around the corner! We'll show you the best rivers around Salzburg and Munich at our alpine camps in the Salzburger Land. Together we formulate clear course goals and make your paddling technique fit. The well-trained Toros kayak instructors will take you to the next level.

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East Tyrol - white water camps at the foot of the Tauern glacier

The base camp right on the banks of the Isel near Ainet, first-class play waves on the last kilometers from the camp. The river sections of a week can be reached in 20 to 30 minutes by car. The catch? Yes, go looking. But make sure you're ready by August.

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Technique training Soca - Europe's kayak playground

Europe's best paddling river? Just under four hours from Munich? Water all year round? Yeah, friends, the crown belongs to her, the emerald green Soca. THE river pearl of the Alps welcomes us and gives us its water, its waves, its beauty for a whole week of whitewater training. Technology, tactics, strategy, safety and rescue are on the plan.

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