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Osum - Grand Canyon of Albania
Osum - Grand Canyon of Albania

The paddling fever

Once you've packed it, you won't let go of it. Whether on wild water through narrow valleys, or relaxed day after day down the river. The water shows us the way.

Albania, Montenegro, Turkey, Greece, Georgia, Alps, Apennines ... ?

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There's a lot to do in the Balkans! Map taken from: balkanriverdefence.org

The pandemic has made our paddling trips more difficult in recent years. But we are in good spirits for 2022. And now the travel dates are online. Yippee yeah!

Here you can find the entire schedule for 2022:

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(Even those that were not allowed to take place in 2020+2021, are already over or are already fully booked. If you are interested in a tour for which we do not offer a free date, then get in touch anyway. This way we can plan for the coming season and you in good time inform, or possibly let you move up the waiting list!)

  • Trebbia, Aveto & Co - Easter in the Apennines - Dates Apennines April 2nd to 10th, 2022 (WW II-III+)9. until April 17, 2022 (WW II-III+) Spring awakening in Bella Italia! While the Alps demand a good deal of frost scorn in April, a warm breeze is usually blowing in the northern Italian Apennines at Easter. Not only the Caffe Corretto warms, no, Italy's sun caresses the soul. But can […]
  • Toros Outdoors season end - Lofer 2019 - The paddling year is coming to an end, the day is not just cool in the morning. Time to go out and have a rest. With us. Together. Including sauna, boat, photos, campfire, wine and good stories. Celebrate with us! Get to know us! In Lofer. As soon as the days get cooler.
  • Deep canyons, great cinema - From Albania to Greece - Date “Deep Canyons, Great Cinema” April 27th to May 6th, 2022 (WW II-III+) Venetikos and Voidomatis, Arachthos and Kalaritikos. In Albania, the grandiose Osum Canyon. Wow! A trip for sporty beginners and connoisseurs. A journey to the most beautiful gorges of the south. Bizarre rock formations, blue waters and a road trip through the wild landscapes of Pindos and Epirus. No […]
  • Technique training Soca - Europe's kayak playground - Europe's best paddling river? Just under four hours from Munich? Water all year round? Yeah, friends, the crown belongs to her, the emerald green Soca. THE river pearl of the Alps welcomes us and gives us its water, its waves, its beauty for a whole week of whitewater training. Technology, tactics, strategy, safety and rescue are on the plan.
  • Tagliamento and Piave - wilderness rivers under the Italian sun - May 20th – 23rd, 2023 (Tagliamento Tour I, with insufficient water Piave)27. – May 30, 2022 (Tagliamento Tour II, with insufficient water Piave)14. – June 18, 2022 (Piave Tour) The last real wild river in the Alps? The paddling world and science agree: Nowhere along the wide arc of the Alps can a wild river be as wild as in [...]
  • The gorges of the Rio Veral. Spanish Pyrenees - Much more than Pallaresa - May 28th to June 11th, 2022 (WW II-III and WW III-IV) In the middle of the pandemic we started to new shores. In June 2021, Toros Outdoors celebrated its Pyrenees premiere. Amigo, que tal? Muy muy bueno, something like that! It quickly became clear: Spain would have a permanent place in the Toros tour planner. Pure sun leaves the snow in the late […]
  • Shkodra Kayak City - Albania's dream rivers - Date April 8th – April 22nd, 2022 The most beautiful rivers in Albania? Clearly in the north of the small country! They surround Shkodra Kayak City in a semicircle. We stay a quarter of an hour's drive from the city directly on the beautiful Lake Shkodra. We spend the days in the lonely mountain valleys on the grandiose bouldering sections of Cemit, Kir, and Dushit. Of […]
  • East Tyrol - white water camps at the foot of the Tauern glacier - The base camp right on the banks of the Isel near Ainet, first-class play waves on the last kilometers from the camp. The river sections of a week can be reached in 20 to 30 minutes by car. The catch? Yes, go looking. But make sure you're ready by August.
  • Montenegro Montenegro - In the land of the Black Mountains - Dates Montenegro: April 30 to May 9, 2022 (WW III–IV) This year we are not offering two separate camps as described below. To clarify your skill/camp level, please send an email to kanuschule@toros-outdoors.de Toros Outdoors has been paddling through Albania since 2015, and our trips to neighboring Montenegro have become more frequent every year. High time that […]
  • Take it easy - Albania for beginners - April 2020 (WW II – III) Casual paddling, no stress, very relaxed through beautiful Albania. This is the brief outline of the idea behind this year's Balkans beginners tour. Several standing quarters keep the distances to the dream rivers short. In addition to Kir, Drin and Vjosa, we are attracted by the wonderful Valbona - rightly called the Albanian Soca. On top of that there are the Montenegrin classics Moraca [...]
  • Canoeing on the Allier - In all comfort through central France - Date of canoe tour Allier: April 16th – 22nd, 2022 August 26th – 31st, 2022 7 days of wilderness and the originality of two rivers, escape from civilization for a while, enjoy slowness. The Allier and the Loire offer a unique and untouched river landscape in the heart of France. On a multi-day tour in the Canadian you can […]
  • Greece in May - The Arachthos Camps - May 7 to 14, 2022 (WW II-III +) Two rivers, five stages, a base camp, supplemented by day tours to dream creeks in the vicinity. The village of Plaka at the exit of the huge Arachthos Canyon is located in the heart of the outdoor Eldorado Tzoumerka and is the ideal base for all paddlers and outdoor sports enthusiasts. Whether in the lovingly designed Hotel Teloneio or in the [...]
  • Georgia - BY KAYAK On the way in the wild Caucasus - Dates Georgia September 22 to October 2 (Guide: Chrise)3. to October 14, 2022 (Guides: Scheuer, Lotte, Andi) Heydihoo and Gamarjobat! There are finally the dates for the Caucasus 2022! If you are interested in trips to Georgia in autumn, please contact us at: Caucasus again at last! The Toros team spends the whole of October in Georgia. Whitewater for all skill levels […]
  • Spring in the Taurus - Dates on request. Tomatoes, olives, white (goat) cheese and clear mountain honey, with freshly baked flatbread. The Turkish paddling day begins with a tasty breakfast before we enjoy the canyons of Köprü Cayi, Manavgat and Alara with the kayaks in the karst clear water. Varied white water is our access to nature in the six days of paddling through the mountain landscapes of the Taurus Mountains.
  • Firtina, Barhal and the Kackar Trek - Dates on request Fewer kilometers on the road, more time in the boat. And that on the most beautiful wild rivers in Eastern Turkey. This is the premise of the Firtina Camp on the Black Sea. With the experiences from the Coruh-Barhal-Camp of 2012, which also started at the Firtina, we mean: The Firtina and its tributaries are more than [...]
  • Euphrates and Munzur - Anatolia for connoisseurs - Dates on request The summer trip leads to the Anatolian heart of Turkey. Two truly mythical rivers are the goal. So different in character and yet so similar in the fascination that they exert on the visitor.
  • Early Bird Mission - Greece in early March - March 6th to 16th, 2020 (WW III-IV) To BOOKING -> Yassas and ahoy, it's raining surprise eggs. Easter is far from in sight. At the beginning of March with the plane to Thessaloniki, nose in the wind, saddled the bus and to where the water and sun are highest. Whether the Erymanthos in the Peloponnese, the Acheron in [...]
  • The Toros women*camps - The women's camps at a glance June 4th to 7th, 2022 for beginners and advanced12. to August 15, 2022 for advanced and old hands This idea started with the Wildwomen on Wildwater asking Scheuer if he knew a kayak instructor for their meeting. He knew that and Lotte did the course and when […]
  • Alpencamp Salzburger Land The Toros Alpencamps: Salzburger Land - An overview of the alpine camps in the Salzburg region July 23th to 29th, 2022 (different levels between WW II and WW IV; 7 paddling days) No question about it - Toros Outdoors is at home in Southeastern Europe. Every now and then we take a breather between our trips. And paddle in the Alps. Saalach, Lammer and Koppi are just beautiful. The […]
  • 4th Pindos Kayak Festival 2018 - Welcome to the 4th Pindos Kayak Festival! From November 3 to 10, 2018, paddling enthusiasts and Greece friends will gather in the small village of Plaka, beautifully located on the blue Arachthos. The idea behind the festival? We would like to experience the beauty of the Greek gorges and mountain valleys with you and point out the value of clean, free-flowing rivers. Paddling is (an important part [...]
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