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Packing and drying bags

Dry bags and packsacks for long and short canoe trips. We have the right ones for you in ours > Shop & test center in the water sports center Upper Bavaria. Sign up for test & advice!

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  • EH packsack
    (6 x)

    Small stuff sacks for first aid kits or mobile phone cases converted for emergency medication.

  • Luggage
    (12 x)

    Here you will find pack sacks that are very suitable as luggage due to their carrying systems.

  • Phone Case
    (4 x)

    Cell phone safely with you on the water!

  • camera case
    (1 x)

    The tightest protection for the most expensive equipment.

  • Airboat Packsack
    (6 x)

    Your airboats fit in these bags.

  • Paddle bag
    (3 x)

    A bag for your paddle. For careful transport or for safe stowage of the spare paddle in the boat.

  • zipper
    (5 x)
  • backpack
    (9 x)

    All pack sacks with carrying straps.

  • key pocket
    (2 x)

    So that the key required for the shuttle can be packed in a watertight manner and taken on board.

  • Dry bag
    (26 x)

    When used correctly, these products will seal inside and out.

  • Airboat accessories
    (1 x)