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Safety rescue tools

What safety equipment do you really need? Throw bags, of course. What else? Register in the > Shop & test center !

FAQ, glossary & keyword filter for >Safety Rescue Tools

  • Tape sling
    (3 x)

    webbing slings

    for towing and lowering boats; to build anchor points for cable pulls; for load distribution on boats during salvage; to improvise in all conceivable emergency situations.

  • Bundle
    (3 x)

    This product is also available in a set / package / bundle!

  • cowtail
    (1 x)

    Cowtail for whitewater rescue. No decoration! Use only recommended if you know how and why.

  • EH packsack
    (2 x)

    Small stuff sacks for first aid kits or mobile phone cases converted for emergency medication.

  • Beginner
    (1 x)
  • Pulley
    (14 x)

    Here you can find all the parts you need for a pulley block.

  • Belts
    (4 x)

    Belt for throwbag and/or lanyard for SUP.

  • Carbine
    (9 x)

    Screw and paddle carabiners

  • Leash
    (6 x)

    Suspension lines for SUP

  • Knives
    (7 x)

    Synonyms: flow meter, paddle knife, folding knife

  • pipe
    (2 x)


  • pulley
    (4 x)

    Pulleys for pulleys and other rope tricks.

  • Dry bag
    (2 x)

    When used correctly, these products will seal inside and out.

  • Throwbag
    (10 x)

    Throwbags and throwbag belts

    Throwbags are characterized by compact, floating ropes. These are not approved for climbing even though they have sufficient breaking strength.

    A good throwbag is between 9 and 30 meters long, can be easily stowed in the boat, or some smaller ones even in the life jacket. You can also use it to build pulleys for salvage.

    Pulley accessories: -> Pulleys, carabiners, slings etc.<-