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Kayak course advanced whitewater II-III

213,40  - 220,00 

You have already had your first whitewater experiences with us or elsewhere or are already experienced paddlers and want to refresh or polish your paddling techniques. Then dive into the die Waves and rollers! Learn to fly over rocks and get the real flow when kayaking.

We devote 2 days intensively, in the most beautiful alpine idyll, to the supreme discipline of white water. Nobody stays dry and you won't get the grin off your face so easily if you celebrate the best sport in the world for a whole weekend.

In the advanced kayaking course we let it rip on white water 2-3, but if there is room for improvement we are happy to be able to go one better at any time!

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The course includes a weekend course program. In the kayak course for advanced users, we dare to tackle the more difficult sections of the Saalach and make the most of the numerous eddies and practice areas.

The overnight stays are not part of the course price. Our kayak instructors are at Grubhof campsite stationed in St Martin / Lofer. From there we start our tours. You book your overnight stay yourself. The campsite also offers rooms. Of course, you can also make yourself aware of a neighborhood in the area.

We reserve the right to hold the course elsewhere if the weather and water level conditions are unsuitable.

Rental equipment

If required, you can get rental equipment from us for a surcharge.

You can choose between complete rental equipment and paddle + boat, depending on what you need.

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Kayak advanced course II


Beforehand, we will discuss which accents we will set during the training. Pulling punches, boofing, rolling exercises, surfing,...Shout out! Where is the need for practice?

We expect eddies of varying intensity and the first game waves on the first day. Well paddled, we approach the higher consecrations of white water technique in theory and practice. The prettier the eddies and the snappier the traverses, the faster we can indulge in the joys of combined moves. In order to really enjoy the jump into the eddy, we learn or practice your boof technique. In addition to more complex eddy combos, wave surfing is on the agenda.

Short rescue and recovery units, safe swimming and a gear check complete the weekend program. On Sunday we start early and finish the course in the late afternoon so that the journey home is not too late.

Kayak advanced course II
Roller boof

Group size:

4-6 participants per kayak instructor

Required prior knowledge:

You have an average level of physical fitness and can swim. You have your boat under control in Whitewater II -III and can safely navigate eddies.

If you are unsure whether you meet the requirements for the advanced kayak course, give us a call and we will clarify your questions and – if necessary – tailor a suitable course for you.

Any health restrictions, illnesses or allergies must be communicated to the course instructor in advance.

Check in:

The journey to the Camp Grubhof takes place with your own car. We coordinate shuttles for the river sections on site.


30.4./ 1.5.

14./ 15.5.

30./31.7. (can be booked as an extension of the Alpencamp Salzburger Land or individually)


Please contact the canoe school before booking!

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