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Private kayak course

291,00  - 1.067,00 

Would you like to have your first experiences on whitewater in a private setting? Or specifically improve and practice your technique in whitewater in an intensive way? In addition, is planning security apart from any budgetary regulations important to you? 

As part of a private course, we cater to your individual needs and can do very targeted technical training with you. We also offer flexible dates apart from our advertised courses.

Contact us and we will find out where and how our kayak private course has to be adapted to you, so that you can go home fresh and happy with a large package of learning success.

Delivery time: 1-3 days

Private kayak course

Dates + booking

We have to arrange the dates with our kayak instructors. Therefore you can only book the kayak private course after consulting us over the phone. You can reach us at:

0049-8095-5369673 (Toros Outdoors Canoe School)

Or you write an email to with your request and your contact details.



The private kayak course lasts one to three days. Depending on ability and water levels, we select our paddling area in advance in consultation with you.

As always, accommodation is not included in the course price. We are of course happy to help you find your respective ideas of a successful paddler's quarter.

Rental equipment

If required, you can get rental equipment from us for a surcharge.


The course of the course is of course individual, we work it out together on the phone.

Kayak advanced course II
Roller boof

Group size:

Due to the current “maximum 5 person rule”, you can book with a maximum of 4 people. Bear in mind that the effect of very individual individual care is of course more intensive with 1-2 people than with 3-4 people.

Necessary Prerequisites:

You are of average physical fitness and can swim. You let us know by phone about your previous knowledge and we will discuss together how the focus of the course will be set.

Any health restrictions, illnesses or allergies must be communicated to the course instructor in advance.

Check in:

The journey is to be organized independently.

1 to 2 care directly in the river

Basic course, advanced course

Complete rental equipment

Yes No


1 day, 2 days, 3 days

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About Toros Outdoors

Named after the Toros Daglari, the Taurus Mountains, we started Toros Outdoors with paddling trips in Turkey in 2009. Today our top destinations are in the Balkans and Caucasus. Albania, Montenegro or Greece. Armenia or Georgia - Toros Outdoors takes you safely on the water and through the travel destination of your choice with brain, heart and passion. In the Alps we are active around Munich and in the nearby Salzburger Land. The program complement white water trips in Italy and Spain. Whether on the Tagliamento, the last wild river in the Alps, in the Apennines or the Pyrenees - we can also find a very special corner in the classic holiday countries. And last but not least: You don't need to be a professional to come on board with us. You can test boats, paddles and equipment from us, rent them or buy them in our shop in the south of Munich. And then? See you on the river! Here you have landed in the booking portal (shop)! You can find the online travel brochures -> here <-  


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