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KWARK Thermo Pro Women's Pants

85,00  - 89,00 

The popular undergarments from KWARK are now also available in a women's cut. Thanks to the power stretch material, these leggings always fit snugly under dry trousers or a dry suit and do not interfere with putting on and taking off. The pants are made of high-quality Polartec material. This fleece warms even when wet and dries quickly.

Delivery time: 1-3 days

The KWARK Thermo Pro women's pants are fleece pants with a cut adapted to the female anatomy.

The fleece pant is the perfect base layer for dry suits and dry pants. The leggings are made of Polartec Power Stretch material. This ensures a smooth, abrasion-resistant surface. The inner material is a soft fleece that warms well even on cold days. Thanks to the breathable material, the fleece stays dry on the inside while sweat is transported to the outside. Due to the stretch factor, the trousers always lie close to the body and do not interfere with putting on and taking off dry clothes.

Also available in a men's cut.

Technical data

Material Polartec® Power Stretch®
Color Cinder (grey), Black

Size table women

36 38 40 42 44 46
chest 86 cm 90 cm 94 cm 98 cm 102 cm 106 cm
Select 66 cm 70 cm 74 cm 78 cm 82 cm 86 cm
Hip 94 cm 98 cm 102 cm 106 cm 110 cm 114 cm
Size 164 cm 166 cm 168 cm 170 cm 172 cm 174 cm

, , , , ,

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The Kwark company was established in 1995. The name was derived from the designation of the elementary particle, which is so small and unpredictable that one does not know if it is real. That's how it was with us back then. We have also been selling our collection in Germany since 1997, targeting kayakers. For over 25 years, Kwark has been a well-known and respected brand that offers high-quality base layers for intensive water sports. In 2007 we developed an innovative line of stretchy, skin-tight undersuits for divers using a dry suit. Our products have solved most of the problems faced by divers. Our ideals
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Our success is based to a large extent on a very careful selection of materials. For many of our products we use the best fabrics from the extensive range of Polartec®. We test every detail. Our clothing is durable and comfortable. It is suitable for washing machines and dryers without any problems. Plus, it doesn't need to be ironed. It offers comfort even with significant temperature fluctuations, feels pleasant and dries very quickly, even when it is damp or wet. We strive to ensure that all new products meet these requirements. In 1999 we used the experience gained in the field of sports to develop a collection of outdoor clothing for women. We assumed that women not only have a different body shape, but also different functional and aesthetic expectations than men. Although it's hard to imagine today, the sportswear market was dominated by unisex items at that time. There was basically no typical sportswear for women. Functionality was almost the only important thing. Nobody really cared about looks. We unintentionally caused a revolution. Each of our collections has been recognized for its design, originality and inventiveness. The initially very revolutionary idea of ​​combining the best characteristics of the fashion world such as original design, beauty and femininity with advanced technology, functionality and comfort from the sports sector was not only noticed and appreciated by journalists. However, we remember how difficult it was back then to defend and enforce this concept, as well as the concerns with which customers decided to place their first orders. That's how strange we appeared to them. On the other hand, we have won a lot of awards. Over time, all companies have understood our point of view. Today it is no longer surprising that women and men have different requirements in the sporting field. The connection between fashion and sport has become an indisputable fact. In the course of the development and increasing popularity of outdoor activities, “our” world has gained significantly in economic importance. Production has been relocated to the Far East and has become the only destination for many Companies the profit We stuck to our concept. Although this seemed pointless, we consistently produced in Poland the whole time. We have worked hard to find the best, but not the cheapest, raw materials. We made the best, but not the best selling products. We didn't give up, even if it wasn't easy at times. So we have become a small niche company that creates extraordinary things. Our garments are “the best friends” of our customers. Some enjoy almost cult status and have been manufactured by us in the same form for years. We were spared the global crisis. Now that the enthusiasm for junk goods is what and the quality and real value of a product are being appreciated again, we are pleased that we never had to give up our ideals.


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