Balkans, Greece, Italy – spring trips 2024 can now be booked!

About us

Scheuer in action – successful slide on the Khobitskhali (Georgia) | Photo: Vera Niess

Toros Outdoors – your address for everything about paddling! At home in Munich and the Alps, the heart in southeastern Europe, looking around to see where there is still something paddleable. Toros Outdoors stands for adventure trips by kayak off the beaten track. Our team will get you safely on the water and with brains, heart and passion through the travel destination of your choice!

Named after the Toros Daglari, the Taurus Mountains, we started Toros Outdoors with paddling trips in Turkey in 2009. Today our top destinations are in the Balkans and Caucasus.

How it all began

Since the first meeting in August 2003 at the border crossing near Edirne. After almost 60 hours in the truck, the Klepper folding boat in the pack sack behind the seat, the nose pressed flat against the window. The first mosque in the promised land, the first time in Turkey. After five weeks of hitchhiking, backpacking and folding boats it was clear: I have to go there again! And so it happened. I've come back a full ten times in the past eleven years. Four times with your own car and almost always longer than four weeks.

On the way to Shala, Northern Albania.
On the way to the Shala with Meti and Elti, Northern Albania.

The best part was sharing the newly discovered love with friends. Paddlers from Germany, Austria, Poland, Belgium, France and Canada accompanied me on the tours in the Taurus. At some point the idea was born to offer guiding professionally. First alone, then due to the increasing number of participants with an ever-growing team.

Toro's team - at least part of it.
Toro's 2019 team.

With Toros Outdoors to Greece, the Balkans and the Caucasus

Other travel destinations were soon explored and approved. The first camps in Greece and Georgia celebrated their premiere in 2013, followed by Albania and now also Montenegro, as well as Italy and Spain. We are the only tour operator in Europe to offer canoe trips for some of these destinations. Together with local partners who have long since become good friends, we help organize logistics and offer guided tours and kayaking courses on the most beautiful rivers in the countries we visit. In addition to our advertised tours, we are also happy to help organize paddling tours and week camps for individual kayakers as well as fixed paddling cliques and canoe clubs.

Guiding on the Mileapotamos, Greece.
Guiding on the Mileapotamos, Greece.

Not just in the distance...

The Toros Outdoors base is now in Aying near Munich. From there we use the home advantage of the Northern Alps with various programs (both with guided tours and with targeted technique and beginner courses). Isar, Loisach, Mangfall and Saalach are just a stone's throw away. The Toros team enjoys home runs after work. And gladly with you too!

Guude's team!